It doesn’t seem that long ago that Jack Cator was telling stories of learning how to prepare a steer for sale. But it’s been 80 years since this family business would buy a steer from local farmers, prepare and sell the meat to the neighboring community. Jack’s expertise and entrepreneurial spirit passed on to his son Ralph, who founded Cardinal Meat Specialists in 1966. A lot has changed since then, however the dedication and experience gleaned from growing as a family business continues to live on in Cardinal’s commitment to producing the highest quality meat products available. 

The Cator family has a long and rich history starting on the farm, to running butcher shops, to producing some of Canada’s most innovative and high-quality meats. Now in its third generation of ownership, Cardinal strives for the future by remaining dedicated to people, innovation and investment in state-of-the-art technology to provide the safest, most consistent and highest quality products available. Under the stewardship of Brent Cator, the company is committed to its long-term success in the meat business.

From humble beginnings to becoming a leader in Canada’s meat industry our answer to customers has been……You Can With Cardinal.